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Mantong is the definitive place to shop for all commercial recreational devices. Arcade machines, Gift machines, Sport machines, Musical machines, Mini Cinemas, Amusement devices, Motorized rideable toys, and many more.
We aim to provide our customers the tools of profit.


So Good, People Love It

Lots of visitors, lots of happy faces, lots of business, lots of positive feedback, lost of satisfied players, lots of returning customers will be what you get every day with our products in your site.

We put our hearts and souls into our products to spread and share the happiness we had in our youth.

Functional and fashionable: Designs that create trend

With great sense of taste we design our products. Color, material, texture, shape, curves, corners; great attention has been paid to ensure our product designs are polished to a mirror shine.


We don’t sell you, we help you

We Create Win-Win Deals
Let Mantong Help You

Especially when you are new to the industry.

What Mantong offers you, is simply a start, a solution to a problem that you shouldn’t shoulder alone.

Because we are experienced, we are passionate and we are thinkers; we will create the right solution just for you.

Mini orange-colored cinema
Lots of redemption machines
Beach themed arcade
Forest fun club
Cozy arcade
Cozy little arcade
Space dream arcade
Candy arcade
VR experience
Baby-blue fun room

Have Your Site Your Way

Concerned with end results not meeting your expectations? With Mantong, that’s never a problem. You can have your site exactly as you desired with all your personal touches; and with the assistance and expertise of our experienced designers and veteran site managers, your result will not only be satisfactory, but also highly profitable.


Easy Site Management

Our site management integration services are powerful tools because of they are offer both convenience and reduction in labor cost and managerial efforts.

By employing our one-stop solution, you have the opportunity to take advantage of this wonderful system.

Let Us Help You

It is our mission statement to care, understand, and deliver value to our clients. By using our Mantong Entertainment Management System (MEMS), anyone can run an arcade business with ease.

We guide our clients through the 3-step process of MOSES: product selection, site design, and installation to minimize efforts and trouble on their end. Till today, our famed “One-stop Entertainment Solution” has been enjoyed by thousands of clients from more than 150 countries.


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