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Mantong One-Stop Entertainment Solution

You should share with us the design details of your site, with these we will be able to come up with specifications and requirements of your solution.

What we need to know:

  • Planned site opening date
  • Budget range for the machines
  • Target market; age group, popular local trends, estimated traffic, local consumer income level
  • Site floor plan; in CAD format, with important site features marked in English or Chinese
  • Site location; on google map or through similar visual geo-location representation methods

Once these are set, the sales representative who’s responsible will put these into documents to be referred to later.

After gathering ideas from you, our sales representatives will arrange for appointments to discuss the detailed plans with you. By providing you with information and expert insights of industry veterans, you and our representatives will explore the options together until you can make informed decisions.

What we will decide on:

  • The type and quantity of the machines that will be included in the solution.
  • Other entertainment facilities (Indoor playground, trampoline zone, etc.)
  • Operational Facilities (office space, fire exit, walk ways).
  • Level of decoration and furnishing, and their style.

After the requirement and baselines are set, then it is moved on to the rendering phase, during which our designers will put these into actual floor plans and Computer generated 3D images.

To move forward in MOSES, we would begin by showing commitment to the deal.

Usually this is done by having you the client make a percentage-based deposit, while we would create floor plan and 3D renders of the site for you.

With the baseline and requirements decided, our designers will begin working on the floor plan. At this point, you can begin fine tuning the layout and try switching machines and areas about. After everything is finalized, our designer can then create a 3D rendered image to show you how the arcade would be like once it is built.

Once the deposit is made, and the commitment is made; production will begin immediately.

After each machine is produced, our quality control team will check them thoroughly and make sure that they will work out of the box after being setup. Machines that passes the stress test and operation test will be packed up into standard international shipment packages. Machines that failed the test will be checked and fixed then tested again until they pass, and then packaged. Once all of the ordered goods are packaged, the order will be shipped and all related forms, certifications will be handled along the way.

Throughout the entire process, you can call our sales representatives to check up on the process and send you photos and other documents, and make last minute changes when necessary.


All of our products will be packaged to safeguard their integrity, preserve their good looks and to save precious container space.


Usually our shipment will be delivered through ocean freight services. Our experienced sales representatives and logistics managers will arrange the proceedings and handle everything for you.


You should begin renovation and construction of your site as soon as the machines are being produced. So that, by the time the machines would arrive, they can be readily hauled into your site and be reassembled. We will provide detailed documentation and competent technical support throughout the setup period. Our on-site technicians have vast experience in travelling around the world and solving our clients’ problems.