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Frequently Asked Questions

Having built successful arcade businesses for thousands of customers over 150 countries in the past decade, Mantong is ready to continuously serve clients from the global market with passion and professionalism.

I can’t find a certain product that I really want, can you help me?

Mantong has hundreds of amazing and diverse products each comes with many different models and customization options. For ease to use purposes, not all of them are listed on this website. If you have something in mind, or you want a certain machine but with certain tweaks, it’s always great and easy to ask us.

Please go to the Contact Us Page, and reach out to our team.

Do you offer site design services?

Yes, we have 2D/3D floor plan designers who can produce expertly made computerized design documents and renders just for your site.

Once you have made a purchase, and provide us the site details, our specialists will begin to work on the plan. You can always check on the progress and give them inputs to alter the designs during this process.

Do you have the certifications that are required in our country?

Yes, Mantong builds its fortune from international trading, and all of our products are certified and thoroughly checked and tested.

Do you provide installation and repair services abroad?

Yes, our company has oversea installation and servicing teams who can do wherever our clients need them to do.

As long as their expenses such as VISA fees, travel fares, food and living expenses are covered, our team will do everything related for you.

We also provide detailed video and text documentations in English with every purchase.

How long will your products last?

Our products are designed to last, and are built with the best components that we can source from our local market.

Most likely, they will continue to work long after our customers have made their investment back many times.

All of our machines come with an 1 year warranty and lifetime service.

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